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Phone Sex 2

Monday, January 12th, 2015

When Jimmy Fanz first appears in this scene he’s already got a hardon, or is well on his way to one. It’s tenting out in his penis-hugging underwear as he enters the bedroom and gets into bed. So, that’s got me off to a good start. Jimmy Fanz always makes my day, and today he’s also making someone else’s day, in this case it’s going to be Adam Herst. I saw Adam only a few days ago in ‘My Stepdad Is A Pervert’ with the rather cute and very delicious new boy Travis Stevens. Adam had been away from for a while, he made one movie in August 2013 and the disappeared off the RADAR until just recently. Now though, in ‘Phone Sex 2’ he is back for his third outing and this time it’s for Drill My Hole.

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Meanwhile, back in Jimmy Fanz’s bedroom… Jimmy makes himself comfortable in his bed, his balls bulging in that almost see-through underwear, and starts to doze off. Isn’t it always the way? As soon as you feel yourself falling asleep the phone rings. He answers. Cue split screen with Adam Herst on the phone on the right and Jimmy on the left. It’s his BF ringing him up from a long way off as Jimmy’s moved house. And what better way to keep in touch with your beloved than having some horny phone sex.

This obviously calls for both guys to talk a lot, and there is dialogue here. But don’t go running screaming ‘Oh no! Not porn actor acting!’ No, this is pretty good actually, decently spoken, nice and clear and natural, and what’s really nice is that it carries on with Adam talking dirty as he appears in Jimmy’s bedroom. Basically we get to see what he wants to do to his distant BF. And that starts, very erotically, with some foot playa and toe sucking. Slowly Adam works his way you and starts sucking Jimmy’s cock and the voiceover fades to real action as the story continues.

I say story, it’s actually a 25 minute fuck session that starts off with one guy pleasuring the other with his mouth. The ‘story’ continues through all manner of hot and horny sex action that includes nice close-ups of the two bearded guys kissing. Adam then gets up on his knees and Jimmy Fanz starts to suck his already hard and ready cock. The guys and camera change positions so we get great shots and they get the deepest oral pleasure from each other; I am pretty sure, at one point, that Adam breaks off because he is so turned on he is about to cum. But he doesn’t, not yet, we have a way to go yet as we are only at eight minutes in at this point.

A lot more close up and deep throat cock sucking from these two men leads to the anal action. And in this scene it’s Adam Herst who fucks Jimmy Fanz. The dialogue comes back in as Jimmy shouts out and Adam slams into him. There’s no way Adam is close to coming now, not because he’s not turned on, hell! We are all turned on at this point, but because he’s fucks Jimmy’s ass so hard and fast and long. You’ve got to be a god to keep your juice in your happy sacks for that long while screwing such a hot piece of ass. I’m not kidding, this fuck session runs on for around fifteen minutes before the guys finally blow their loads. I challenge you not to blow yours before they do!