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Like a couple of bitches

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Jimmy Fanz walks into the room and both men get up and strip him naked. They kiss his hard chest and soft lips. Seth gets on his knees and takes Derek’s rock hard cock into his mouth and deep throats him. Derek goes behind him and rubs his own hard cock up and down between the granite rocks that are his tight ass cheeks. Derek Atlas can’t believe his luck as these two good looking men get in front of him like a couple of bitches and take turns in sucking on the cock they have both been after for a long time. All three men moan together as the excitement builds up.
Jimmy takes charge and gets Brenner to lie on his back and for Seth to sit on Brenner’s face – and to bend over and suck on his own cock whilst Derek rims, and licks out his smooth musky asshole. This is amazing action and it’s all repeated in the big mirror covering the whole of the wall next to them. There is great close up action as Derek’s tongue darts in and out of Seth’s sweating crack.
They swap places and this time Brenner is in the middle sucking cock and getting his cock sucked for a while. He is then told to move, and get on his knees and Seth gets his ass all wet with his tongue, getting it ready for Jimmy’s seven inch cock.