The talented and very handsome man Jimmy Fanz starts this hot and sexy movie off, and it’s been filmed for ‘Gods of men.’ It’s obvious why he has now been in 20 of their best hardcore gay movies, including ‘Scouts part 3’, ‘Deep release’, and ‘Men for sale part1.’ His presence fills the screen straight away in everything he has done. He has those brown ‘come to bed eyes’ and a hot smile that just makes you melt. He has an athletic hairy body, and a beautiful cut cock.

In this hot movie he starts off in the kitchen, opens a drawer, and finds a framed photograph of himself inside. He is more than a little curious, as he knows he didn’t put it there. He hears his roommate come in behind him and asks him what it is doing there.

His roommate is none other than Bennett Anthony. If you remember, Bennett has made only six films with ‘ but with his red hair and beard, rough and ready looks, tattoos, and six point five cut dick, he has become quite a big sensation. If you haven’t checked him out as yet, you may want to have a look at ‘Bathe and Misbehave’, or, ‘Swingers part 2’, and part 3. You will not be disappointed.
Bennett Anthony looks at Jimmy Fanz straight into his handsome face, and then admits that he has always had a big crush on him. They begin to kiss straight away after Jimmy admits he feels the same way towards him. Slowly they take one another’s tops off, and Bennett begins to plant kisses all over Jimmy’s hot chest and washboard stomach. As Jimmy leans back, his muscles ripple and he takes his weight whilst Bennett pulls of his sexy pants and starts to suck on his cut cock. Just listening to the lustful noises of them both and watching some fantastic close up shots is a great turn on as he continues sucking up and down the length of that erection.

Jimmy Fanz then gets on his hands and knees on the breakfast table and Bennett spreads his muscular hairy ass wide open. He and kisses and licks it all over. Jimmy moans with excitement as he feels Bennett’s hot, wet tongue pierce his sensitive ass hole as Bennett continues caressing his legs, feet, and ass cheeks. He gets him all lubed up and ready for his aching hard dick.
The last scenes show even better close up shots. Jimmy Fanz gets one foot on the ground and the other one up on the breakfast table as Bennett Anthony fills his twitching hole with his cock. The camera goes under them, and we get to see Bennett Anthony’s cock drilling Jimmy’s hole slowly at first – and then he fucks harder and faster. Once more the screen fills up with their moans and groans of passion and the sounds of sex as skin slaps against naked skin.

The finale sees Jimmy Fanz sitting on top of Bennett Anthony and stroking his cock until he shoots all over Bennett’s smooth, tattooed chest. Jimmy then gets on his knees as Bennett stands up and watches close up as Bennett shoots his sticky hot cum all over his muscled hairy torso.
I think, and hope, that we will be seeing both of these men working together in the near future. They make a very special and hot couple.

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