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Gay Porn Tube of Best Sex Of My Life Part 2

Friday, March 20th, 2015

It’s time to put the gorgeous hunk Jimmy Fanz in the chair on the second episode of ‘Best Sex Of My Life’ from Drill My Hole. Jimmy Fanz just oozes sex appeal. He has been in twenty one scenes for so far and it’s no wonder he is such a huge hit. He is prepared to do anything, which is great as he classes himself as a versatile bottom. He has a dark trimmed beard that matches the fur that covers his muscular chest and firm stomach. He has a lovely six inch cut dick and a tight, hungry ass hole, more than enough for anybody.
This flick starts off with a close up of his handsome face, and soft brown ‘come to bed’ eyes. He talks to the camera as he remembers the best sex he has ever had. As he starts telling the story the camera goes down and we see he is naked. His hand gently brushes past his sweet-tasting young dick.
He remembers walking down a street in New York City where he sees, and eyes up, a really cute guy. The cute guy looks back at him, making it obvious that he fancies Jimmy Fanz. They make eyes at each other, and Jimmy follows him back to his apartment. Sometimes, as we all know, no words need be said, especially when it’s just raw lust that is traveling through your body, and you can feel the burst of electricity as it bounces backwards and forwards from the other person.
The guy he fancies is played by Mediterranean looking hunk Adam Bryant. He has smoldering good looks, short brown hair, brown eyes, and a gym built tattooed body. As a top with a seven inch cut dick he is always on the look out to fuck a tight ass. He has only been in one other hardcore scene before, but judging from the noises coming from Nicoli Cole as Adam rammed his dick deep into his crack in ‘Mistle Hoe,’ he knows exactly how to turn a man on.
Back to the hot and horny action where Jimmy and Adam Bryant are now in the apartment: Their wet lips meet and their tongues clash together right in front of the big glass windows overlooking the city. Still in front of the window, these two horny men strip each other naked. Gay pornstar Jimmy Fanz gets down on his knees and quickly takes Adam Bryant’s already hard dick into his hungry mouth.
Still in front of the open window, in full view of anybody who had happened to look over, Adam sits down; Jimmy pulls his own tight briefs down, and sits slowly back down on Adam’s waiting dick. As well as the great feeling Adam must be having as those ass muscles take a vice like grip around his dick, he also gets the fantastic view of Jimmy’s hairy ass as it pounds up and down right in front of him. Jimmy feels like he in heaven as Adam continues fucking him, standing up by the window, and then as he lies down. He begins to spoon feed Jimmy’s ass with his now aching dick. Trying to drill even deeper, Mr. Fanz then lies on his back, his knees up, and his legs spread open as Adam Bryant fucks him like there is no tomorrow. With grunts and groans these two fire their sizzling hot cum over Jimmy’s fully satisfied, ravaged body.
It’s easy to see why this is Jimmy’s best fuck ever, I only wish I had been living in the flat opposite. check out the best gay porn tube here

Phone Sex 2

Monday, January 12th, 2015

When Jimmy Fanz first appears in this scene he’s already got a hardon, or is well on his way to one. It’s tenting out in his penis-hugging underwear as he enters the bedroom and gets into bed. So, that’s got me off to a good start. Jimmy Fanz always makes my day, and today he’s also making someone else’s day, in this case it’s going to be Adam Herst. I saw Adam only a few days ago in ‘My Stepdad Is A Pervert’ with the rather cute and very delicious new boy Travis Stevens. Adam had been away from for a while, he made one movie in August 2013 and the disappeared off the RADAR until just recently. Now though, in ‘Phone Sex 2’ he is back for his third outing and this time it’s for Drill My Hole.

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Meanwhile, back in Jimmy Fanz’s bedroom… Jimmy makes himself comfortable in his bed, his balls bulging in that almost see-through underwear, and starts to doze off. Isn’t it always the way? As soon as you feel yourself falling asleep the phone rings. He answers. Cue split screen with Adam Herst on the phone on the right and Jimmy on the left. It’s his BF ringing him up from a long way off as Jimmy’s moved house. And what better way to keep in touch with your beloved than having some horny phone sex.

This obviously calls for both guys to talk a lot, and there is dialogue here. But don’t go running screaming ‘Oh no! Not porn actor acting!’ No, this is pretty good actually, decently spoken, nice and clear and natural, and what’s really nice is that it carries on with Adam talking dirty as he appears in Jimmy’s bedroom. Basically we get to see what he wants to do to his distant BF. And that starts, very erotically, with some foot playa and toe sucking. Slowly Adam works his way you and starts sucking Jimmy’s cock and the voiceover fades to real action as the story continues.

I say story, it’s actually a 25 minute fuck session that starts off with one guy pleasuring the other with his mouth. The ‘story’ continues through all manner of hot and horny sex action that includes nice close-ups of the two bearded guys kissing. Adam then gets up on his knees and Jimmy Fanz starts to suck his already hard and ready cock. The guys and camera change positions so we get great shots and they get the deepest oral pleasure from each other; I am pretty sure, at one point, that Adam breaks off because he is so turned on he is about to cum. But he doesn’t, not yet, we have a way to go yet as we are only at eight minutes in at this point.

A lot more close up and deep throat cock sucking from these two men leads to the anal action. And in this scene it’s Adam Herst who fucks Jimmy Fanz. The dialogue comes back in as Jimmy shouts out and Adam slams into him. There’s no way Adam is close to coming now, not because he’s not turned on, hell! We are all turned on at this point, but because he’s fucks Jimmy’s ass so hard and fast and long. You’ve got to be a god to keep your juice in your happy sacks for that long while screwing such a hot piece of ass. I’m not kidding, this fuck session runs on for around fifteen minutes before the guys finally blow their loads. I challenge you not to blow yours before they do!

Upload Part 2

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Before we get into detail about ‘Upload part 2’ from Drill My Hole, the latest hot scene to star Derek Atlas and Jimmy Fanz, I want to ask you a question. Have you ever tuned into a live, online sex show? Have you actually paid up to join a site that shows them, or caught one via a chat site? I don’t mean a cam-to-cam with another guy in Germany who wants to wank off with you, I mean one of those shows with professional porn actors making out and following instructions from the viewers. Have you?

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Well, if you haven’t but you have always wanted to, then this scene is going to push the right buttons for you. It features Derek Atlas, in his second appearance from DMH and, and Jimmy Fanz, who is a lot more experienced and it takes a nice and original twist. This isn’t your usual ‘tell a story’ porn movie, nor is it your usual ‘straight into the sex’ porn flick. This one sets itself up as if it were a live show. Derek has his Go-Pro camera, and we see the action from that camera’s POV as well as from other cameras in the special booth, room, that has been set up to stream this live sex session from. He introduces Jimmy and then asks the viewing public what they want the two of them to do.

So, we are switching back and forth from long-shot, where we see the bed and the PC, and the Go-Pro where we get a real hand-held feel. Jimmy can’t keep his hands off Derek Atlas (and who can blame him?) and even before instructions are sent in, the guys are kissing and fondling. Derek pays attention to Jimmy’s hairy chest before offering Jimmy his cock. What’s also nice about this scene is that it is natural, even though we are playing out the online sex-show fantasy. The guys are not over the top, they are good to look at, studly and hot for sure, but there’s no mega-dicks here and nothing out of the ordinary (as yet). So, when the deep throating starts it plays out simply, and nicely and Jimmy Fanz gets to suck long and deep on Derek Atlas’ seven inches, while playing with his own sixer that’s still inside his underwear. Nice.

Things do get a bit harder when there’s some ball stretching and grabbing, pulling down the nut sack while battering the back of the throat with the other guy’s hard dick. After this there’s a neat set up, clearly some fan as messaged in and asked for the guys to try out something that looks pretty unique to me. Jimmy Fanz gets into a position where he is bending over the side of the bed, his ass in the air, still in his underwear, and Derek Atlas takes up a kneeling position behind him, on the bed. He then slowly reveals Jimmy’s ass, and, with it sticking up in the air like that, gets his face in between his ass cheeks and starts to lube up his hole, with his tongue.
Several minutes of mouth to ass action follows before the gymnastic Jimmy gets into another unusual potion, on the floor, and Derek starts to fuck him.

Hairy cock entering hairy ass, filmed up close now (we seem to have forgotten the Go-Pro) as Derek bounces Jimmy around on the floor, his legs up, his head down. Later still things change and we have Jimmy Fanz fucking Derek Atlas on the bed. The guys are in more traditional positions here but the sex is hard and cruel none the less. It all builds to a great ‘cum while being fucked’ climax where Derek comes off the wetter. I tell you what; I’d pay to watch that kind of stuff live online.

Deep Release With Colby Keller and Jimmy

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Let me introduce you to a new boy at the college of cock, as I call Drill My Hole, the top college/school/classroom/jock fantasy site from Men dot com. This week they are giving us another newbie to the stable of student studs, a guy by the name of Jimmy Fanz. His profile is pretty sparse at the moment, this is his first scene, he’s got only a few stats: blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’11 tall weighing 150 lbs and with a seven inch cut cock. He also describes himself as a versatile top.

He’s out playing sports with one of our favourites, cutie Colby Keller who is, as we know, a versatile bottom (I think we know where this is going). The guys work up a sweat and then head to the locker room where overtures are made. There’ s a pretty standard setup here and some pretty simple dialogue about ‘helping with your backhand’ and then ‘showing you how to do this, and hey dude what you doing? Licking your neck, there’s lots more I’d like to do to you, yeah? Well, let’s do it’ and away we go. We certainly cut to the chase in Backhand, the latest movie from DBAS.

And once we do we get to see Jimmy in his first scene and he starts it off by licking Colby’s muscled arms before heading straight to his cock and giving him a nice long blow-session. Colby is shaved, which makes his cock stand out even more, and his nuts are smooth and tight and just inviting Jimmy’s mouthy to come and lick and suck no them. Having got his teammate hot and hard, Jimmy then drops his own shorts and Colby straddles the bench to get down on the new boys’ cock. He sucks it, getting it hard, and we see that Jimmy is also shaved. Two jocks, two shaved cocks, can we hold ourselves back from cumming? Yes, we must as the guys soon get even sexier and heavier and indulge in some hot rimming.

And then Fanz starts to show us how ‘top’ he is with a nice and easy entry into Colby’s ass. Doggy style, over the bench, both boys are hard as rocks as the pounding starts up. It starts and goes on a pace too with lots of nice close-ups of his shaved cock drilling into shaved ass, and then Colby on his back getting some more blowing before pounding Jimmy’s ass. Versatile is the right word to describe both these guys, they switch around and make sure each one gets to play both top and bottom. But all good training sessions must come to an end and this one comes to a sticky end as Keller pounds Fanz’s ass and Jimmy squirts, soon followed by the college mate.

This is a good debut scene for Jimmy, and another hot scene for Colby Keller. I reckon these two guys have some chemistry going and it’s going to be interesting to see if they get paired up again in future scenes.