Deep Release With Colby Keller and Jimmy

Let me introduce you to a new boy at the college of cock, as I call Drill My Hole, the top college/school/classroom/jock fantasy site from Men dot com. This week they are giving us another newbie to the stable of student studs, a guy by the name of Jimmy Fanz. His profile is pretty sparse at the moment, this is his first scene, he’s got only a few stats: blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’11 tall weighing 150 lbs and with a seven inch cut cock. He also describes himself as a versatile top.

He’s out playing sports with one of our favourites, cutie Colby Keller who is, as we know, a versatile bottom (I think we know where this is going). The guys work up a sweat and then head to the locker room where overtures are made. There’ s a pretty standard setup here and some pretty simple dialogue about ‘helping with your backhand’ and then ‘showing you how to do this, and hey dude what you doing? Licking your neck, there’s lots more I’d like to do to you, yeah? Well, let’s do it’ and away we go. We certainly cut to the chase in Backhand, the latest movie from DBAS.

And once we do we get to see Jimmy in his first scene and he starts it off by licking Colby’s muscled arms before heading straight to his cock and giving him a nice long blow-session. Colby is shaved, which makes his cock stand out even more, and his nuts are smooth and tight and just inviting Jimmy’s mouthy to come and lick and suck no them. Having got his teammate hot and hard, Jimmy then drops his own shorts and Colby straddles the bench to get down on the new boys’ cock. He sucks it, getting it hard, and we see that Jimmy is also shaved. Two jocks, two shaved cocks, can we hold ourselves back from cumming? Yes, we must as the guys soon get even sexier and heavier and indulge in some hot rimming.

And then Fanz starts to show us how ‘top’ he is with a nice and easy entry into Colby’s ass. Doggy style, over the bench, both boys are hard as rocks as the pounding starts up. It starts and goes on a pace too with lots of nice close-ups of his shaved cock drilling into shaved ass, and then Colby on his back getting some more blowing before pounding Jimmy’s ass. Versatile is the right word to describe both these guys, they switch around and make sure each one gets to play both top and bottom. But all good training sessions must come to an end and this one comes to a sticky end as Keller pounds Fanz’s ass and Jimmy squirts, soon followed by the college mate.

This is a good debut scene for Jimmy, and another hot scene for Colby Keller. I reckon these two guys have some chemistry going and it’s going to be interesting to see if they get paired up again in future scenes.

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