Jimmy Fanz and Johnny Forza together at Str8 To Gay

In this exclusive scene from the new and excellent site Str8 To Gay, cute boy next door Johnny Forza is playing the gay guy. Johnny’s made a few scenes for the top site Men.com and in this one he gets to convert straight man Jimmy Fanz. Both guys are perfect sex stars, each is different with Johnny being blonde and smooth and Jimmy being darker and hairier. Here though they start off dressed with Johnny reading on the sofa. Jimmy joins him and teases him about missing his BF, Jimmy’s brother, who’s currently away. The guys start fooling around, there’s something in the air, they’re both smiling about who knows what, and Johnny moves up to sit closer.

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Jimmy’s not so sure about that but, if you’re going out with the gay brother and the straight brother is hot, why not seduce him? That’s exactly what Johnny does, though you get the impression straight boy Jimmy is very curious and totally up for it. His cock is hard as soon as his Brother-in-law puts his hand on it. It’s out in seconds and Johnny is sucking the straight guy’s cock; it’s probably the first time that straight meat has felt another man’s mouth around it. Jimmy is by now totally into the idea of some fun with his brother’s lover and decides it’s OK to do the same.

So now we have the load-blowing sight of the straight first-timer going down on the blonde boy’s shaft, with his ass starting to show through his undone pants. There are some great close-ups as Jimmy works that cock, and then you get treated to the sight of the smooth and blonde Johnny stripped down, his cock hard and his nuts heavy as he sucks the hairy straight guy again. But then we get to the really good part:

Without complaining too much Jimmy gets his virgin straight ass drilled of the first time as our gay blonde guy takes his cherry. He’s bent doggy style over the sofa and taken from behind. Slowly at first, it’s not long before that hard and thick gay cock is slamming in and out of that tight and begging for it straight ass. And once Jimmy has felt how good that is there is no stopping him. He rides that cock and changes positions so he can get it in even deeper, he lies on his back on the floor, he spreads his legs like a practised gay boy and lets his brother in law screw him until he cums over his hairy stomach. Johnny’s gay cum soon joins it and you are going to find it hard to hold yours back until this finale. Another winner from an excellent site.

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