My Brother In Law at Str8 To Gay

The newest member of the Str8 To Gay from the college jock site is Jimmy Fanz who is introduced on Since this is Blue’s first scene there is nothing much to say about him. However, his features are as promising as it can get. He is 5’ 11 tall and weighs about 150 lbs, he has blonde hair to match his blue eyes, and right down where the action happens, he is equipped with 7 inches of cock. His profile also indicated that he loves to be a top but is versatile.
The scene starts with him playing with a face that is familiar to many, Johnny Forza. Adam is the exact opposite of Blue as he is known to be a versatile bottom, which makes them an ideal match. After some sport, they both head back to the locker room. You get to hear some small talk and the next thing is someone is having his neck licked and the fellow indicates that there is much more in store. There is no arguing and they head out. Why waste time while you can get down and busy.

They get to their destination and Jimmy gets started by licking Adam’s arms as he gradually heads for his cock. For a while, he concentrates on giving Adam a satisfactory blowjob. Johnny’s cock seems even larger especially since he is shaven. His balls are smooth and tight allowing Jimmy take his time on the blowjob as he sucks and licks on Blue’s balls leaving him hard as rock.

Blue gets rid of his shorts and Johnny gets down on him revealing that both are shaven. This leads to two hard men on the scene. Things get hotter in this scene as they allow their horniness drive their actions. As a top, Jimmy drives through to Johnny’s ass. With both men hard and up for more, they get on Doggy style pounding on each other. Though it started slow, the pace peaks up and you get a clear and close with a sharp and clear view of shaven ass and cock. Each gets a piece of the other in turns taking the role of both top and bottom ensuring that both men are getting exclusive attention.

With excitement indicated by moaning and groaning, the session ends with Jimmy makes his last pound and cums. Johnny follows making an ideal ending.

This is a bubbling start for the newbie and yet another great scene for Johnny. With a wrap, it is evident that these two have it going on and there should be more to watch out from these two.

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