Scouts Part 3

Anyone who has ever had a fantasy about scouts, young twinks in uniform, meeting the woodcutter in the woods, or simply having sex outdoors, really should go and take a look at Big Dicks At School, and their current on-going series, Scouts. Here in part three we’ve got a new boy on the block, or rather, on the camp, as we see Zac Stevens make his debut performance as a porn model. Zac looks to be around 18 or 19, he’s got a cheeky smile, a 5-7 high slim build, black hair and blue eyes and keeps a cut six and half in his pants. And when this scene starts he’s out looking for wood for the fire.

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Yes, you know where we are going with the wood reference don’t you? He’s out there in the forest and he comes across a guy in a checked shirt, woollen cap, wielding a great big chopper (axe) and smashing up logs of wood. This is Jimmy Fanz, a fifteen-movie veteran of, dark hair, dark hairy chest, great looks, cute smile, and now, playing butch. So, the young scout has come to collect the wood that Jimmy has been chopping and at first it seems that Zac is content to go away with three pieces only. (This is after Jimmy has wiped his sweaty chest with a handkerchief, passed it to Zac to hold and Zac has taken a secretive sniff of the smell of it.) But Jimmy asks him where he’s going? I thought you wanted wood? I’m not interested in that kind of wood. Oh I see. Or words to that effect, and then, wouldn’t you know it? Jimmy Fanz is getting his own wood out and out little boy scout is going down and sucking porn star cock right there under the tree, in the open.

And, as Zac Stevens sucks on Jimmy’s cock, he gets his own out, so there’s your number one fantasy: being blown by a cute young twink in a scout uniform while he gets his own dick ready for your inspection. Well, maybe, but to be honest, Jimmy is not that bothered about sucking boy cock, he wants boy ass, and, after he’s had his oral pleasure from his scout (who, let’s face it, is doing a very good deed for the day), he gets that twink up against the tree and spreads his ass.

Our wood-man doesn’t mess around, there’s no foreplay here, no rimming or getting the boy wet and ready. He shoves his hard rod straight into that guy’s ass, making Zac call out with a kind of surprised pleasure. His gasps and groans get louder the harder Jimmy goes. The Jimmy goes naked, apart from his boots, while Zac Stevens keeps his scouts outfit on, so we don’t lose sight of what this fantastic fantasy film is all about. Make sure you keep your sound up for this one, it sounds like Jimmy Fanz is sawing wood but the sounds are all coming from Zac the virgin’s lips.

Things get even hotter when Jimmy gets a little more, how shall we say, domineering with his new plaything, holding his hands behind his back and bending him right over. And then the grand final happens when Zac gets to sit on Jimmy’s cock and we get to see his own wood, nicely shaved and hairless and hard. The two guys keep at it as darkness starts to fall and you get the impression that the others, back at camp, are not going to get their diner on time ‘cos cute little Zac Stevens has been collecting the wrong kind of wood all afternoon.

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