Str8 To Gay With Jimmy Fanz
April 20, 2015 Chris Harder

Here’s the third hardcore episode of the exciting series about the horny ‘Home Wrecker’, by for ‘Str8 To Gay.’ This fantastic episode stars Chris Harder and Jimmy Fanz.
Chris Harder is the main man in this fantastic hardcore fantasy, and has been in all three episodes. He is new to but not the in the porn industry. He has been doing it for a while now and has a great following; he has almost 9,000 followers on Twitter. He lives in New York City. He is a good looking young man with short brown hair and sea blue eyes. He is a versatile bottom with a seven and a half inch uncut cock. He is five feet eleven inches tall and weighs 170 pounds.

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Jimmy Fanz has a boyish charm about him even though he is all man. He has a lean body which is covered in dark hair. Jimmy is a versatile bottom and has a six inch cut cock. His hair is dark brown and he has brown, puppy dog eyes. He is five foot eleven inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. This is his twenty third flick with, his most watched movie so far is ‘My Brother In Law’ with Johnny Forza and has been viewed over 74,000 times.
Home Wrecker Part 3
This series is all about Chris Harder having desires for hot, straight men. He stalks the streets looking for them, and even chats them up in his workplace in the hope of a great fuck. He loves the thrill of the chase and getting them into bed. They always start off by saying no, but that means nothing to Chris, he is a charmer, and gets his way, every time without fail.
In this episode Chris is working in Jewellery shop when a handsome man, Jimmy Fanz, walks straight in. He is not happy and is moaning about his wife. He asks Chris to help him find something for his wife, who is a right pain, and he is fed up with her. As Chris speaks to him, Jimmy puts his hand on his shoulder which surprises him a bit. His mind goes into action straight away and he gives Jimmy his personal card, telling him to phone him later if he still needs a hand. Later that day, Chris gets a text message from Jimmy and tells him to come round. Jimmy tells him he is frustrated with the wife and all tensed up. Chris puts his hand on Jimmy’s shoulder and Jimmy jumps in shock. Chris tells him to sit back and relax…
Str8 To Gay With Jimmy Fanz
Chis pull Jimmy’s pants down to his knees and starts sucking on his hard cock. Jimmy hasn’t had sex for ages and can’t even remember the last time he came. He groans with pleasure as he feels a hot mouth around his sensitive cock. He strips his clothes off and lets Chris kiss him before he goes back down on him. Jimmy is so turned on; he stands up and begins thrusting his hips backwards and forwards fucking Chris’s hungry mouth.
Chris tells Jimmy it’s now his turn to suck on is cock and gets him to kneel in front of him. Jimmy chokes at first but soon gets into it and ends up sucking his cock like he’s done it all his life. Knowing how much Jimmy Fanz in frustrated, Chris tells him to sit on the couch.
str8 to gay on
Chris sits on top of his cock with his back towards him and starts bouncing up and down, riding his cock like a horse racer galloping towards the finish line. Jimmy can’t believe how good or how tight Chris Harder’s asshole feels wrapped around his cock.
Being curious, Jimmy wants to know what it feels like having a cock inside him. Chris is more than happy to help out. He gets him on his back and licks and fingers his virgin hole until Jimmy is ready for something a bit bigger. Chris eases his cock gently into his hairy crack. Jimmy can’t believe the sensation he is feeling in his ass, his body feels on fire as Chris drills him faster. Jimmy strokes on his cock and with a loud groan cums over his chin and hairy body. Chris Harder stands up and spills his own hot musky spunk over jimmy’s used and abused, panting body.
As they finish Chris tells Jimmy to say hi to his wife from him.

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