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Gay Porn Tube of Best Sex Of My Life Part 2

Friday, March 20th, 2015

It’s time to put the gorgeous hunk Jimmy Fanz in the chair on the second episode of ‘Best Sex Of My Life’ from Drill My Hole. Jimmy Fanz just oozes sex appeal. He has been in twenty one scenes for so far and it’s no wonder he is such a huge hit. He is prepared to do anything, which is great as he classes himself as a versatile bottom. He has a dark trimmed beard that matches the fur that covers his muscular chest and firm stomach. He has a lovely six inch cut dick and a tight, hungry ass hole, more than enough for anybody.
This flick starts off with a close up of his handsome face, and soft brown ‘come to bed’ eyes. He talks to the camera as he remembers the best sex he has ever had. As he starts telling the story the camera goes down and we see he is naked. His hand gently brushes past his sweet-tasting young dick.
He remembers walking down a street in New York City where he sees, and eyes up, a really cute guy. The cute guy looks back at him, making it obvious that he fancies Jimmy Fanz. They make eyes at each other, and Jimmy follows him back to his apartment. Sometimes, as we all know, no words need be said, especially when it’s just raw lust that is traveling through your body, and you can feel the burst of electricity as it bounces backwards and forwards from the other person.
The guy he fancies is played by Mediterranean looking hunk Adam Bryant. He has smoldering good looks, short brown hair, brown eyes, and a gym built tattooed body. As a top with a seven inch cut dick he is always on the look out to fuck a tight ass. He has only been in one other hardcore scene before, but judging from the noises coming from Nicoli Cole as Adam rammed his dick deep into his crack in ‘Mistle Hoe,’ he knows exactly how to turn a man on.
Back to the hot and horny action where Jimmy and Adam Bryant are now in the apartment: Their wet lips meet and their tongues clash together right in front of the big glass windows overlooking the city. Still in front of the window, these two horny men strip each other naked. Gay pornstar Jimmy Fanz gets down on his knees and quickly takes Adam Bryant’s already hard dick into his hungry mouth.
Still in front of the open window, in full view of anybody who had happened to look over, Adam sits down; Jimmy pulls his own tight briefs down, and sits slowly back down on Adam’s waiting dick. As well as the great feeling Adam must be having as those ass muscles take a vice like grip around his dick, he also gets the fantastic view of Jimmy’s hairy ass as it pounds up and down right in front of him. Jimmy feels like he in heaven as Adam continues fucking him, standing up by the window, and then as he lies down. He begins to spoon feed Jimmy’s ass with his now aching dick. Trying to drill even deeper, Mr. Fanz then lies on his back, his knees up, and his legs spread open as Adam Bryant fucks him like there is no tomorrow. With grunts and groans these two fire their sizzling hot cum over Jimmy’s fully satisfied, ravaged body.
It’s easy to see why this is Jimmy’s best fuck ever, I only wish I had been living in the flat opposite. check out the best gay porn tube here