Upload Part 2

Before we get into detail about ‘Upload part 2’ from Drill My Hole, the latest hot scene to star Derek Atlas and Jimmy Fanz, I want to ask you a question. Have you ever tuned into a live, online sex show? Have you actually paid up to join a site that shows them, or caught one via a chat site? I don’t mean a cam-to-cam with another guy in Germany who wants to wank off with you, I mean one of those shows with professional porn actors making out and following instructions from the viewers. Have you?

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Well, if you haven’t but you have always wanted to, then this scene is going to push the right buttons for you. It features Derek Atlas, in his second appearance from DMH and Men.com, and Jimmy Fanz, who is a lot more experienced and it takes a nice and original twist. This isn’t your usual ‘tell a story’ porn movie, nor is it your usual ‘straight into the sex’ porn flick. This one sets itself up as if it were a live show. Derek has his Go-Pro camera, and we see the action from that camera’s POV as well as from other cameras in the special booth, room, that has been set up to stream this live sex session from. He introduces Jimmy and then asks the viewing public what they want the two of them to do.

So, we are switching back and forth from long-shot, where we see the bed and the PC, and the Go-Pro where we get a real hand-held feel. Jimmy can’t keep his hands off Derek Atlas (and who can blame him?) and even before instructions are sent in, the guys are kissing and fondling. Derek pays attention to Jimmy’s hairy chest before offering Jimmy his cock. What’s also nice about this scene is that it is natural, even though we are playing out the online sex-show fantasy. The guys are not over the top, they are good to look at, studly and hot for sure, but there’s no mega-dicks here and nothing out of the ordinary (as yet). So, when the deep throating starts it plays out simply, and nicely and Jimmy Fanz gets to suck long and deep on Derek Atlas’ seven inches, while playing with his own sixer that’s still inside his underwear. Nice.

Things do get a bit harder when there’s some ball stretching and grabbing, pulling down the nut sack while battering the back of the throat with the other guy’s hard dick. After this there’s a neat set up, clearly some fan as messaged in and asked for the guys to try out something that looks pretty unique to me. Jimmy Fanz gets into a position where he is bending over the side of the bed, his ass in the air, still in his underwear, and Derek Atlas takes up a kneeling position behind him, on the bed. He then slowly reveals Jimmy’s ass, and, with it sticking up in the air like that, gets his face in between his ass cheeks and starts to lube up his hole, with his tongue.
Several minutes of mouth to ass action follows before the gymnastic Jimmy gets into another unusual potion, on the floor, and Derek starts to fuck him.

Hairy cock entering hairy ass, filmed up close now (we seem to have forgotten the Go-Pro) as Derek bounces Jimmy around on the floor, his legs up, his head down. Later still things change and we have Jimmy Fanz fucking Derek Atlas on the bed. The guys are in more traditional positions here but the sex is hard and cruel none the less. It all builds to a great ‘cum while being fucked’ climax where Derek comes off the wetter. I tell you what; I’d pay to watch that kind of stuff live online.

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